Charice's perfect rendition of Lupang Hinirang at Noynoy Aquino's inauguration

Charice sings it right. That's how it should be.


Bagong Pilipinas, theme song at Noynoy Aquino's inauguration

Kinikilabutan ako habang pinapanood ito.


Verizon wireless to offer iPhone in January

Good news to Verizon Wireless customers! It's now the talk of the town that iPhone will become available to Verizon Wireless customers in January. But we don't know if this is still just a speculation but I for one is really looking forward to this.


Watch video of the flying car

It's real but who can afford it?


Should I feel bad for Kris Aquino

Yes, I should. Kris has her reasons for giving up and I can respect that. I always felt since the beginning of their relationship that their union is not a match made in heaven. But that's just my opinion and observation. Here is Kris side of the story:

Meanwhile, here’s Kris’ text message to The STAR in reaction to the STAR story that she’s a “controlling” and “domineering” wife:

“That snippet of a conversation you printed occurred on April 26. And that wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back – it was what James told Baby James in front of me. Sorry but I can’t make public what it was. That’s why I kept my silence on The Buzz last Sunday. At three-years-old, my son is vulnerable and can be emotionally and psychologically damaged.”

May I make it clear that I didn’t provoke that fight. We were keeping our distance from each other for several weeks when James exploded. Yes, I am guilty of many times saying I wanted out. But I have never involved our son. I have never said words that would hurt Baby James and negate his value as my child. I am trying to be decent and proper.”

“It isn’t valuing my feelings. You of all people and after all you have witnessed in all your years of being Ricky Lo you would know that infidelity once accused and, may I add, broadcast on national television and with lurid details thrown at your face, somehow no matter how it is denied and no matter how hard you may try to believe your husband, the very fact that you needed to be publicly humiliated and privately mocked just puts wounds in your heart and mind that don’t heal.”

“I have never controlled James. More than one year na nga akong hindi nakikialam sa kanya. We have been living under one roof but totally separate lives. I honestly felt I was near my breaking point last week – that I could easily have a nervous breakdown because of presenting an everything-is-OK picture to the world when my home life has been so unhappy for so long. I was tired of lying to the world and lying to myself.”

“Our lawyers discussed with Dondon Monteverde (James’ manager) last Saturday and they will meet with James’ lawyers in the next few days. Under the law, because of the kids I do have a right to our condo in Makati but if he refuses to vacate, ayoko ng gulo. My Mom was insistent before that the practical thing to do was to ask for a prenup. James is smarter than you all give him credit for. He told me then na-in-insulto ang pagkatao nya and I was stupid enough to not insist.”

“I just want a chance to heal. Akala ng lahat ako lang yung madaldal at pwedeng masakit magsalita. Hindi nyo lang alam lahat ng insultong inabot na rin ng pagkatao ko sa years na pinagsamahan namin. I have shared all this with off the record. I am not asking you to take my side but just to see why I am firm in saying this is a separation that will be legalized and finalized.”


Liz Uy is Noynoy's official presidential hairstylist

No doubt she'll do an excellent job!


Charice can do country music too

Charice can go country music too. Listen to that sweet and amazing voice.


Gary V and Regine V top performers for Noynoy inauguration


Kris Aquino's marriage to James Yap is over

or is it?