Karylle is moving on

The latest in the Karylle-Dingdong breakup is that Dingdong called her up on the phone during the premiere night, but the talk was not to be construed as friendy because it's not.

How is she coping or adjusting? She is at the stage that she already accepted what happened to their three and a half years love affair but her parents and relatives are still angry and she needed to assure them that things are going to be fine with her. But for her, the pain is not as much and not as deep anymore.

Could Marian be the reason? For Karylle, "on my side, no. But if she is Dingdong's reason, I don't know."

She also said that she and dingdong already gave an explanation to their parents, and it's because when they were together for almost 3.5 years, their parents became very close. Their parents accepted their situation and explanations because the breaking up has already been decided and that it is really over

But the two might possibly meet in Las Vegas where in Karylle will be singing the National Anthem at Manny Pacquiao's bout against La Hoya, and Dingdong have already long planned to watch the fight with his family.

Will they reconcile eventually? 'Wag na long po sana wa her response. She continued... I saw a lot in him that I ahve never seen before, things that I refused to see. I realized a lot of things and would I want to go back to what it was before?


Ai Ai's new movie sequel "Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat"

"Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat" is a new sequel of the original Ai Ai movie, Ang Tanging Ina. As usual, Ai Ai is feeling nervous again but hopeful that the new sequel will outdo the prevous ones. There is no doubt that this is going to be another blockbuster. The cast is the same as the previous sequel for the most part and the gist of the story is that, this time Ai Ai is a politician, thus the title "Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat". We'll find out more later.


Did Kristine Hermosa walk out of a concert because of Oyo Boy Sotto?

Kristine did not walk out while the concert was still going on, and not even because of Oyo. The truth, according to Oyo, was that Kristine had to leave due to an emergency and Oyo and company left as well after Kristine. But some people who witnessed her leave the concert ahead of Oyo gave an assumption that she and Oyo were having a LQ. Hoookey, that's all that there is to it so case closed.


Vilma: "I want Edu to play the role of Luis' father in the movie"

Vilma's wish that Edu play the role of her husband in her new movie with Luis and John Lloyd is valid, legit, and it only shows that she is truly an artist and a creative one. Her idea to include Edu in the movie makes a lot of sense as this will make the movie more true to life. We all know the story of their marriage except that - as Vilma jokingly said - in real life, she was able to recover. If Vilma's wish will come true remains to be seen. I can see the advantage of her idea and I hope the producers and director will agree and will go for it.


Crazier moments of super teen Miley Cyrus


Manny Pacquaio now ready to fight Oscar De La Hoya

Manny Pacquiao is fighting the fight of his life on Dec 6th and he is 98% ready. He is working hard to equip himself with all the strategies he can use to defeat his opponent, Oscar De La Hoya, and his best is his speed. He is speedy and very well focused. Manny is preparing himself to the extremes and the difference in their stature no longer matters although some of his critics are worried for him. So, is Manny ready?

Roach said that Pacquiao is definitely ready. "Manny had great sparring sessions with bigger and taller fighters to prepare him for De La Hoya, and that they have worked out great," Roach informed reporters. "Manny was handling the big guys with no problem. He is ready."


Will Obama keep the current Filipina White House chef?

CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) - As tempting as it may be to see the Obama family's choice of a new chef at the White House as a competition among celebrity chefs, former White House chefs say the job is about selfless service, not star power.

Walter Scheib, White House executive chef for Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, believes there's a 90-percent chance the new administration will stick with the current chef, Cristeta Comerford, a Filipino-American.

And if the Obamas do hire someone new, it won't be a television personality or any of the celebrity names bandied about on food and political blogs, he says.

"None of these people have any idea what the job is about," Scheib says. "And they're temperamentally not suited for it. You have to be a person who has a real heart of service, and it can't be someone who needs to see themselves on camera."

Roland Mesnier, who retired in 2004 after 25 years as the White House's executive pastry chef, will never recommend a TV chef for the first family.

Celebrity chefs are entertainers
"Celebrity chefs, in my book, are not chefs. They're entertainers," Mesnier says. "All these people on TV? Forget it."

Comerford was a food technology major from the University of the Philippines.

A naturalized US citizen, she was born Cristeta Gomez Pasia in 1962 to Honesto, an assistant principal in a public elementary school in Manila, and Erlinda, a homemaker.

First female executive chef
Comerford studied at the Padre Gomez Elementary School in Sta. Cruz, Manila, and finished her secondary education at Manila Science High School.

In 2005, under the administration of President George W. Bush, she became the first female executive chef at the White House.

A spokesperson for President-elect Barack Obama says it's too early to comment whether there will be a new executive chef. But outside speculation has focused on Art Smith, Oprah Winfrey's personal chef; NBA star Carmelo Anthony's personal chef, Daniel Young, who cooked for Obama at the Democratic National Convention; and Rick Bayless, whose Chicago restaurant Topolobampo is a favorite of Obama's.

At the same time, members of the Organic Consumers Association are organizing a letter-writing campaign urging Obama to promote healthy, sustainable and organic eating by hiring a well-known organic chef such as Nora Pouillon or Alice Waters.

None of the above would be a good fit, Scheib says.

"I get a kick out of all these people saying the No. 1 thing should be green, or sustainable or this, that or the other thing. They're missing the point. It's not about advancing your agenda. It's not about building your repertoire. It's not about getting your business promoted," he says.

"It's about serving the first family, first, last and in every way. That's the only job."

$100,000-a-year job
The head chef earns $80,000-$100,000 a year creating menus for state dinners, holiday functions, receptions and official luncheons hosted by the president and first lady.

Though the gala affairs are organizational challenges, Scheib says the greater challenge comes on the personal side--feeding the president, his family and guests.

Not just culinary skills
A White House chef's sensitivity and understanding is just as important as culinary skills, given that the chef is among the few people who interact with the first family in private, Scheib and Mesnier say.

"For the domestic staff--and for all the fancy titles, that's all the people in the residence are--how they learn the temperament and temperature of the first family is crucial. It makes doing a state dinner look easy," says Scheib, who has written a book and started a business planning private events since leaving the White House.

"The challenge is how you give them everything they need and at the same time expand their horizons if they choose, but at the same time, not being underfoot."

High marks for Comerford

Or as Mesnier puts it, "You have to be almost a clairvoyant, someone who can read a crystal ball and be able to judge what would they love today."

Both men give Comerford, the first minority to serve as executive chef, high marks in that regard.

Neither believes she will be replaced, an opinion not shared by Tim Ryan, president of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which has sent several alumni (including Scheib) to the White House.

He believes the Obamas will seize the opportunity to make changes. He suggests another CIA grad as a candidate--John Doherty, executive chef at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel--but said Obama could also shake things up with a rotating cast of big name chefs for state dinners, much in the same way John F. Kennedy invited famed artists and performers to the White House.

"Chefs are great performers. So to take a page from Kennedy's play book and recognize the artistic performances of the culinary greats, each state dinner could be organized by different high-profile chefs," he says. [Asian Journal]


Miley Cyrus' glamorous transformation - then and now

For those who followed Miley's career from when she first started will remember how she looked then and how she looks now. She really transformed into a beauty and she's only 16.


Luis Manzano interested in politics

Gov. Vilma Santos made a statement that son Luis is also interested to enter politics. With Vi's influence and good example, I can see Luis becoming a successful politician someday. Three of his best assets is having the best of both Edu and Vi in him, and a bright step dad, Ralph Recto, who is the best source of training and guidance. Go for it, Luis!


Watch Charice, Sarah and Kim do a Christmas dance

Sorry! Video is no longer available.


Charice in Hollywood, a superstar in the making

This is probably an old news to some but I don't think we can ever get enough of Charice. I can listen to her over and over and over again and still the chill is there.

Extra reports: A star is born! Thanks to a little help from a couple of her friends -- like Oprah Winfrey and Celine Dion -- 16-year-old singing sensation Charice Pempengco's YouTube video has now been widely seen, and millions heard her amazing story on "Oprah" last May.

The diva-in-training got a chance to sing with one of her idols -- Celine Dion, who raved, "She has an amazing voice. She has an amazing heart, an amazing soul."

Charice grew up in poverty in the Philippines, and says she witnessed her own father try to kill her mother, who has been her voice coach since she was 4 years old.

Catch Charice and Celine when they perform together on this Friday's "Oprah."


Charice at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade 2008 - VIDEO


Krista Ranillo and Niña Dolino fight scene in Pieta turned into real fights

Krista Ranillo and Niña Dolino's fight scene became real when they both got carried away thinking that they had to make the fight real as instructed by their director. This usually happens in fight scenes where actors performing it are still inexperienced. A real actor can make a performance real by just pretending to be real. Hence the word 'acting'. Everything has to do with proper timing and with some effects added to it. Krista and Niña are, perhaps, since both were new to this, lost control of their emotions.

Niña Dolino and Krista Ranillo get carried away with their fight scene in ‘Pieta’
by Napoleon Quintos
November 26, 2008 8:57 AM
At the Star Magic press conference for the artists of Pieta last Monday, November 24, Niña Dolino denied rumors that she and co-star Krista Ranillo are at war for real after they staged a brutal fight scene for the cameras in the teleserye. The scene involved the two actresses, rivals over lead character Ryan Agoncillo, in an all-out catfight in the mud.
Niña told reporters how a well-planned scene got a little out of hand. “Before the scene sinabi talaga namin [ni Krista] na ka-career-in namin ‘yung eksena kasi ang ganda. Although may mga double kami, ang utos sa amin nina Direk (Toto Natividad and Don Cuaresma) is we should make it makatotohanan. Kahit may double kami we have to make it look na kami ang gumawa ng eksena. So nag-agree kami ni Krista na go na talaga kami, pero anything goes na lang. Bago naman ‘yung eksena may mga tinuro namang counts, ‘yung para ding sa mga fight scenes. Nasunod naman ‘yung mga counts. Pero sa character ko na Jessa, ‘yung walang modo, ang utos din sa akin bugbugin ko si Krista kasi inaagaw niya ‘yung dyowa ko. Ang role naman ni Krista ‘yung medyo refined, may manners, kaya ang pagkakaintindi ko tatanggapin lang niya ‘yung beating. So I wasn’t expecting na bubugbugin niya ako.”
The scene left both Niña and Krista with abrasions and bruises in their arms and legs. After getting carried away by the scene, Niña said she and Krista never had to chance to talk about what happened. “After ng scene na ‘yun ang sakit ng mga tuhod namin. Siya yata ang sakit ng batok niya kasi nginudngod ko talaga siya sa mud. Pero ako nasaktan din ako, ang dami kong gasgas. Nagkaroon ng moment na, ‘Teka lang, what just happened? Nasaktan tayo pareho.’ Hindi lang namin siguro in-expect na ganun ‘yung mangyayari so hindi muna kami nag-usap after a while.”
The two have yet to speak with each other. Niña thought that it might be better if they will wait until the awkwardness would pass, but she denied that there are ill feelings between her and Krista. “Two scenes lang siya sa umaga tapos ako sa gabi kaya hindi kami nag-abot. Hindi na namin muna pinag-uusapan. Siguro we’re going to let it pass muna. Pero I’m sure magkakaayos din kami. May taping naman kami sa susunod so baka makapag-usap din kami. Friends naman talaga kami ni Krista.”
Is it also true that their breasts accidentally popped out when they were doing the fight scene? “Hindi ko napansin kasi habang sinasabunutan ko si Krista hindi ko naman tinitingnan ang boobs niya (laughs). Nag ‘hello’ ba talaga? Hindi ko nabalitaan ‘yun. Ako naka-mini skirt ako pero may cycling shorts sa loob kaya deadma,” said Niña.

You can watch this controversial fight scene again online when your register for free on TFCnow. Pieta airs weekdays right after Wowowee.


Two most respected veteran actresses – both started as a child – are now certified Kapamilya

Vilma Santos
Pumirma kahapon ng kontrata si Vilma Santos sa ABS-CBN para sa ilang pelikula niya sa Star Cinema at isang TV Special. It’s been 5 years since the last time Vilma made a movie and it was Mano Po 3 under Regal films. Vilma admitted that she misses showbiz and her countless friends in the industry. Originally, she was slated to do 3 films with John Lloyd Cruz, her son Luis and Sharon Cuneta. Vilma will be asking Edu to guess in the film with Vilma and son Luis and most likely, Edu will be okay with it. How can he deny his son Luis of such opportunity to shoot a film together. It must be going to be a lot of fun for all three. [Patty Ramirez]
Lorna Tolentino
The other award-winning actress, Lorna, is set to do two teleseryes with ABS-CBN and two movies with Star Cinema. Lorna’s last teleserye as a Kapamilya was Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, the show that gave birth to the love team of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. GMA have given their blessings to Lorna to move to ABS-CBN since she already informed the network about the movie offers by the Kapamilya. [Napoleon Quintos]


Charice is the best young performer ever

Last month, Charice performed at the two fund raising events in Beverly Hills, California USA, together with David Foster, and it was packed with Hollywood celebrities, and yes, once again she brought down the house and it was pretty amazing. It was unbelievable! She really is the best young performer ever, not to mention how pretty she looks now compared to when she was just starting. When I heard about Charice’s family background, I just couldn’t believe how she can be so confident, happy, funny, and full of enthusiasm, in spite of the fact that she grew up in an abusive environment. Usually, kids in the same situation would become more shy, difficult or withdrawn. But Charice is different.

Bibong bibo siya talaga and I praise her mom for a job well done. You can feel the love, unity and support they have for each other. The miracle is that she got even better and stronger after the storm in their lives. You wouldn’t think that she will turn out to be this good with the many family dramas that they have gone through. That’s kind of hard to reckon with. Each time she is performing in the US, I get nervous because of her being a minority. I always wondered what the turnout would be. But she amazingly was able to nail down each performances and always got a standing ovation.

As we all know, Charice will be performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in Nov. 27, together with Miley Cyrus and David Archuleta. With the negative publicity that Miley is getting from the public lately, comparing her with Madonna at such a young age, a lot of people are disappointed with her. So I just hope that people will divert their attention to Charice in her coming performance at Macy’s. But I do hope that Charice will not be affected by the limelight and success, and will be able to stay modest and humble.


Diether Ocampo's move to Kapuso confirmed by GMA7

Diether Ocampo's rumor that he has moved to Kapuso has been confirmed by Wilma Galvante, GMA7 Senior Vice President for Entertainment.
According to Galvante, Ocampo signed a “long term” contract with GMA 7 and would appear in the network’s primetime shows, including, reports said, the much-awaited Philippine TV adaptation of the hit Korean series, “All About Eve” with Sunshine Dizon, Iza Calzado, and fellow ex-Kapamilya stars Richard Gomez, Jean Garcia and Eula Valdez, that is set to hit the TV screens next year.[Marinel Cruz, Inquirer]


Vina’s pregnancy: Rumored married boyfriend not taking responsibility?

Some rumors placed Vina’s boyfriend, Cedric in the hot seat for apparently denying that he is the father of Vina’s baby. Cedric, who is said to be still a married man with children, was upset at the rumor because, he said, he never gave any statement of such nature to anybody.

Through his friend Ruffa Gutierrez:

"He said that he's taking responsibility for whatever actions he took or he have made in the past," pahayag ni Ruffa na sinabing personal niyang nakausap si Cedric hinggil dito.
Dagdag pa ni Ruffa, nagulat umano si Cedric sa mga naglabasang balita sa diyaryo na itinatwa diumano ng businessman ang bata sa sinapupunan ni Vina. "And hindi naman dini-deny ni Cedric 'yon, so nagtatanong siya na paanong lumabas sa lahat ng diyaryo na he's denying it. Hindi raw siya ganong klaseng tao. Hindi raw niya tatakbuhan ang responsibilidad niya kay Vina at sa kanyang baby," dagdag pa ng aktres. Ayon din sa mga sources, sinabi diumano ni Cedric na malaki ang pagpapahalaga niya sa family values at sa privacy
Any woman’s relationship with a married man will always be the subject of painful gossips and it’s because we know how sensitive this issue is and the parties involved as well. Vina is pregnant and the fact that she’s happy about it is more important at this point than anything else because there is baby in her womb who needs her to be happy at least for 9 months. So people, please back off!


Pokwang is now an official Star Records artist

Pokwang, with her usual self full of energy and enthusiasm, has signed up a contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Records for her upcoming album projects. She is a good singer and now she’s taking it a step further by making it official. According to Pokwang, this is the time, the right time that God has allotted for her for this venture. As we all know, she is hard working and she deserves the opportunity. And as usual, Pokwang is very thankful.

Magkahalong kaba at saya ang nararamdaman ni Pokey dahil lumalabas na unang salvo ng Star Records next year ang album niya. Magaling na mang-aawit naman si Pokwang at nagtataka kami kung bakit ngayon lang siya nabigyan ng album ng Star Records. "Siguro hinintay lang talaga ang tamang oras. Maganda talaga siguro yung taong nagtiya-tiyaga at naghihintay, diba? Kung may tiyaga, may nilaga. Ito na yun, dream come true!" pahayag ng komedyana. Dagdag pa niya, "Siyempre tuwang-tuwa ako. Thank you Lord! At least ito album na, hindi na photo album."[MJ Felipe]


Sam Milby and Ruffa Mae Quinto clarifies play station at Sam's house issue

Yes, Sam Milby and Rufa Mae have both clarified the issue.
He (Sam)explained that he invited Rufa Mae to his house months ago. "I find it so funny na it's been an issue that we played PlayStation together. Yung nangyari lang, after our The Voices concert last September, we were making kwento and sabi niya ‘I want to build a new house.' Sabi ko, 'You should really see my house, ang ganda! My architect is very good.' So she said, ‘Okay, your house is on the way to my house.' Then she said, ‘Can I stop by and take a look at it?' Yun lang, she stopped by and took a look at it, yun lang," narrates Sam.
Ayon naman kay Rufa Mae:
Idiniin ni Rufa Mae na walang namumuong anything romantic sa kanila ni Sam. Sa totoo nga’y kinausap na rin daw niya si Anne Curtis tungkol sa issue. “Hindi po ako nag-Playstation dahil busy ako sa trabaho ko. Tinext ko nga yun kay Anne. Sabi niya ‘Sis, totoo ba nag-ha-hang-out kayo? Marami kayo o dalawa lang kayo?’ Kinuwento ko na sa kanya ang lahat ng detalye. Mas na-appreciate ko na tanungin niya ako kasi lumabas na (ang issue) eh.”

This is very clear, truthful, and I believe them because I don’t see them as a match. But because they were both singles, it’s not impossible. On the other hand, Sam who just recently broke up with Anne - and I don’t doubt that they both are still feeling wounded from the break up - Sam would be in front of a grand buffet and will not try to taste anything because he is still in pain. I think Sam and Anne should reconcile and try to work things out if, and if, they truly love each other as they both claims it.


Gerald Anderson excited to know that Kim got jealous

In a recent interview with Kim, she expressed her sentiment over the issue with screen partner, Gerald Anderson - who was rumored to be visiting Pauline Luna even bringing her food in the set - and Gerald was so happy to know that Kim got a little jealous about it. He thinks that it only proves that there is a little something going on with Kim for him and that made him happy. Well of course there is but Kim is somewhat too confident in their partnership which began from the day they met. But now she realizes the possibility that someone can steal Gerald from her anytime.

Have you noticed something different in this picture of Gerald and Kim. Well, if you'll notice, Gerald seem to look more mature now while Kim continue to still look so young. But I think they still look good together.


Diether Ocampo move to Kapuso might be sooner than you think

The rumor has it that Diether is moving to GMA7, the Kapuso station. It's all in the making but none has been confirmed yet. Diether was made a star by ABS-CBN, so I can't imagine how hard it must be for Diether to even think of moving. But hey! no one has the right to stop him if there is a better opportunity awaiting him at Kapuso. He needs to continue to make a living so hopefully, this won't be an issue with Kapamilya. We will probably hear more about it in a few days. Will keep you posted.


John Lloyd Cruz and Carmen Soo seen dining together

Yep, it's true that they were seen dining in a restaurant together but they were not alone. They had company. Nagsalita na ang Malaysian actress na si Carmen Soo live sa The Buzz tungkol sa nababalitang relasyon nila ni John Lloyd Cruz. It's not true and I believe her. In fact, John Lloyd's eternal girlfriend Liz, has become her friend or acquaintance. Her dealings with John Lloyd is purely business, no, not pleasure. Is it over between her and Jericho Rosales? The truth is Jericho and Carmen was a love affair that never was. Carmen was so shocked upon learning that gossip is so common in the Philippine showbiz industry. At ano fah!!!! Tama ka diyan, sis!

Keep talking if true, the problem is most of these hot news of love affairs were mostly just made up. Imbento!!! Mga kuno-kuno! Carmen is such a sweet lady. Like she said, she doesn't think she'll get used to gossips Manila style. She’s not going to steal anybody’s boyfriend because she’s not that desperate. I like her. She is pretty and well-mannered.
But it's hard to believe that she is not exclusively dating. On the other hand, if career is always on top of her agenda in life, then, it's possible. So, hopefully, when Carmen is ready, she'll find the right man. O di vah?
Carmen Soo on talking to Liz Uy about John Lloyd Cruz: ‘I thought it was very cool of her’
by Bernie Franco
November 23, 2008 11:05 PM
ABS-CBN.com interviewed Malaysian actress Carmen Soo at the press conference of clothing brand Petit Monde as its newest endorser and here she admitted that she met Liz Uy, John Lloyd Cruz's girlfriend during the photo shoot and the two of them had a brief talk about the issue that the Malaysian actress dated John Lloyd. "She joked about it," Carmen said. Liz was the stylist for the shoot and Carmen said that she was even the one who brought up the topic. "She (Liz) said to me, 'Did you know that you are somewhat being rumored to be with my boyfriend?' and I said, 'Yeah, I know," the actress related. Liz even advised her not to take the gossip seriously and told her not to worry. "She told me, 'Don't worry about it. You know, you'll get used to it, it's like this here (in the Philippines).'"
Carmen also admitted to ABS-CBN.com that until now, she still finds it difficult getting used to local showbiz controversies. "I'm not used to it still. And I don't think I ever will or want to be able to deal with it," she revealed. She said that whenever she would be caught up in a situation like this, she will deal with them the best way she could. "I think whatever question that they ask, I'll try to answer as honestly as I can, leave it in the air and let it die down. I don't want to make a habit of dwelling into it, because it will only become bigger and bigger until it blows out of proportion."
Carmen also appeared on The Buzz yesterday, November 23, and reiterated that her meeting with John Lloyd at the mall was without malice, and that they were with a common friend. “Something so innocent like that can be blown out of proportion. I don’t want to be dragged into another accusation like that. It was just lunch. That’s it.” Carmen has been gone for a month to shoot a movie in her homeland and the issue with John Lloyd has still to die down. “I think I’ll be extremely careful about this,” Carmen added. In a previous interview for The Buzz, Carmen emphasized that she doesn’t want to be branded as a boyfriend-stealer, after being said to be the cause of her Kahit Isang Saglit leading man Jericho Rosales break-up with Heart Evangelista then to John Lloyd.
On the other hand, Carmen also revealed that she is again tapped for another big project here in the country next year. “Yes, that’s right. I think I’ll say this for the first time here. I spoke with Tita Malou (Santos of Star Cinema) a few days ago. I’ll be part of a big project next year with Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. Exciting!” The actress is also very happy that starting this Monday, Kahit Isang Saglit will be shown at an earlier timeslot, right after I Love Betty La Fea. “Thank you everyone for asking for an earlier timeslot. Our wishes are granted.”


World leader's snub of Bush created by morons and only morons will believe

I think Rick Sanchez is now THE famous moron of CNN. I guess calling him a buffet journalist is just appropriate because in the CNN video posted by Katharine Zaleski of Huffington Post, he only showed the part in the video where in world leaders were shown shaking the hands of everybody but not of Bush. The truth is that Bush had been shaking hands and slapping backs all day long with the world’s heads of state. But why do you think Rick Sanchez skipped this important part of the video and chose to be branded a moron by not showing the truth? Did he think that people were too stupid that they will never find out the truth eventually? Ayayayyyy! I think he just made himself a fool doing this. But thanks to CNN humorist Jeanne Moos for setting the record straight. Michelle Malkin has more.

Here is the truth:


Update on Joe the Plumber's improper record check

We’ve known this all along, that Obama follower: Helen Jones-Kelly abused her little power when she checked on “Joe the Plumber”. But wait, there’s more to this. It was also confirmed that she improperly used her state e-mail account raise campaign money for Obama. But guess what, apparently, this is not a big deal because Jones-Kelly will remain on the job. She will only be punished with a month suspension. If this stupidity was done by a Republican supporter, I wonder if the punishment will be the same. Think not. But at least, the SF radio host who threatened Joe the Plumber was fired and that’s just fair enough. Well, I guess the latter is the more evil of the two.


Why some blacks are saying Obama isn't black

Some black people refuse to accept that Obama is black. They also believe that he did not descend from slaves and therefore, he is just someone of mixed race with dark skin than black. Does this means that Obama should not be given the title "first African American black president" in the US history? Here is an interesting viewpoint by Kimberly McClain DaCosta.

For some of us, the heralding of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States seems a rather uncontroversial claim. Not so for others. One well-known African American writer, Debra Dickerson, famously objected that Obama is not of the people properly defined as "black" on the grounds that because he is not descended from slaves.
Ergo, he is not black - at all.

The bulk of the people protesting against references to Obama as a black man, however, grant that he is "part" black (by way of his father), but assert that because he also has a white mother it is not "accurate" to call him black.

He is "in fact" mixed-race, they say.

Opposing arguments

My first reaction to questions about the "correctness" or "accuracy" of Obama's racial classification is to undermine the premise of the question itself. The search for the "correctness" of racial identity presumes that a definitive answer can be found.

It presumes that race is a real entity, something fixed, or natural. It seems to deny what scholars have laboured for decades to demonstrate - that the criteria used to classify people in racial categories, the categories used in a given society, and the uses to which those categories are put - vary by place and time. They are, as academics are fond of saying, "socially constructed".
Yet the predilections of the scholar fail to satisfy those who claim to know what race Obama "is", for these are really statements about what the speaker thinks he ought to be.

When people insist that Obama "is" black, they point to his self-identification as such, and the assertion that when most people look at him, they see a black man. More...


Vi is back with new energy with son Luis

I like Luis Manzano. I think he got the best of Edu and Vi combined - very funny, witty and modest. Being with Luis in the same movie project will probably test mom Vi's sanity as seen in this video. Kayanin kaya ni Vi? Abangan! This project is going to be a must see.


UPDATE: Pinoy Fear Factor

Phem Baranda and LJ Moreno were the top performers. Phem scored another victory this week by making it to the fourth rope in 1.30 minutes, while LJ got near the finish line in 2.25 minutes.



  1. Bernabe "RJ" Calipus - 20, wharf porter from Tondo
  2. Elmer Felix - 25, Veterinarian and medical representative from Pampanga
  3. Gail Nicolas - 25, commercial and runway model from Quezon City
  4. Janna Dominguez - 18, sales agent and bar performer from Malabon / Quezon City
  5. Jommy Teotico - 24, model from Manila
  6. Jose Sarasola - 22, Culinary Arts student from Parañaque
  7. LJ Moreno - 27, pre-school teacher and former actress from Marikina City
  8. Manuel Chua - 27, businessman from Cabanatuan City
  9. Marion dela Cruz - 21, student from Austria / Valenzuela City
  10. Phoemela "Phem" Barranda - 27, television host and model from Parañaque
  11. Ram Sagad - 23, model and ex-basketball player from Quezon City
  12. Savanah Lamsen - 23, ledge dancer from Quezon City


Obama's embrace of the opposition

What's the real score here? Is Obama killing the GOP With Kindness? He has offered jobs to the opposition like this one, so how they will handle disagreements and conflicts - and I'm pretty sure there will be lots - remains to be seen. With the way he is involving some of his "enemies", was it forgiveness? change? I hope Obama really knows what he's doing and that all his decisions were to benefit the country and its people and not for personal motives. To judge him at this point is too early though. Let's just see.


Bond movie #1 in the box office expected

Another hit James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace" began rolling out overseas two weekends before its U.S. debut, and its worldwide total now stands at $322 million. I made $70 million in the US alone.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene
Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes
Gemma Arterton as Strawberry Fields
Dame Judi Dench as M
Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter

Story: Picking up where Casino Royale leaves off, James Bond has captured Mr. White and is taking him to an isolated area for interrogation. Mr. White reveals that "we have people everywhere" in regards to his organization and soon escapes. Bond continues his hunt for White while searching for more information on Quantum after he runs into Dominic Greene.


Sam-Anne breakup reason: God

To some people, this is very hard to pathom or may sound stupid; that two people so in love with each other can end their relationship because of God. Well, not if you are, perhaps, as spiritual as Sam.

He also said his spiritual search is something he and Curtis “can’t do together” that was why he decided to stop dating.
My two cents on this?

I respect their decision and reason for their breakup. Why? Because God is involved - and I think because Sam is in honeymoon stage with the Lord - and it's very important to have someone he could share his faith with. If Anne has no spiritual life, then that's a possible reason for Sam to feel less for her which might have cause the breakup. It's hard for both of them because Sam can't just feed God into Anne's soul. It has to come from God that Anne have to search for. But absolutely, there is hope if Sam will be patient with Anne and will mninister to her instead of breaking up with her. O di vah?


Sharon offers P3million reward in exchange of proof

As I've said before, this issue is more political than showbiz due to its origin. Hmmm...at ano fah! Election is fast approaching 'no, and we all know that Kiko is a potential future prez. Aha! Bukong-buko sila. So, "NO PROOF, NO TRUTH". As simple as that. P3million is a lot of money and Sharon will not dare do this if she's not sure of Kiko's faithfulness. Of course, a woman and a child to come out of this would not be sufficient. Forget you! We need more than that - like a DNA test? You bet you! So, I believe that this issue will soon completely die down, but who knows what they will plan to do next. But at least we now know what these political people are up to. O di vah?


Angelica and Christine culinary graduation

Angelica Panganiban and Christine Reyes are now both proud graduates of Culinary Arts. Watch the video:


Is Sarah Geronimo making Regine Velasquez insecure?

Ito ang kumakalat na balita - that Sarah's success is making Regine feeling insecured. The talk started after the overwhelming success of Sarah's concert at the jam-packed Araneta Coliseum.

My two cents:
I cannot compare Regine and Sarah because I agree that Sarah is Sarah and Regine is Regine. But what should make Regine worry is the fact and reality that when people begin to notice Sarah, the attention meant for Regine will be diverted to Sarah and the clamor for her will become less and less. It’s not that Sarah sings or performs better than Regine, it’s just that Sarah has become a breath of fresh air in the industry, and her presence is becoming stronger and stronger each time. This will only prove what showbiz life is all about, meaning: don’t be too confident because life is short in showbiz and there will always be someone new that is better than you. O di vah?

Here is the complete interview by MJ Felipe.
Isang blooming at very beautiful na Regine Velasquez ang humarap during the press launch ng kanyang latest album entitled Low Key under Universal Records nitong Biyernes, November 14.
Unang nilinaw ni Regine na ang kanyang paglipat sa Universal Records mula sa kanyang Viva family ay may basbas ni Boss Vic. “I haven’t been with them for quite a while now. Kaya nga I was able to do an album with Star Records for Paano Kita Iibigin. Pero they are still my friends. Boss Vic is like my tatay, so okay naman sila. Actually freelance naman ako, may contract lang ako with Universal for this album. So, I can still do an albm with Viva kung gagawa kami ng pelikula or kung ano man,” dagdag pa ng songbird. Pinabulaanan din ni Regine na hindi siya inimpluwensiyahan ni Ogie Alcasid na naka-pirma din ngayon sa Universal Records.
Pinaliwanag ni Regine na kaya Low Key ang titulo ng kanyang CD ay sa dahilang mga “laid-back” at “mellow” ang mga kantang kasama dito. Mga revival at personal choices ang mga tracks na may kasama pang minus one. Natawa din si Regine sa intrigang isa sa mga kanta sa album ay ang kanyang wedding song. Marami pa raw dapat ayusin si Ogie para pag-usapan ang pagpapakasal.
“We still have to settle a lot of things, and as soon as we settle that, of course we already know what that is, so ayaw ko na munang isipin ngayon Hindi natin alam kung ano ang magiging resulta eh. Ayusin muna natin yun and then after that, we can plan,” sabi ni Regine.
Muli na namang umaalingawngaw ang intrigahan sa pagitan ni Regine Velasquez at ang sinasabing sumusunod sa kanyang yapak na si Sarah Geronimo, dahil sa very successful concert nito sa Araneta Coliseum kamakailan. “I’m very very proud of her. As you all know, I really really love that kid. She’s like my child. And she loves me to pieces. Nanay niya ako. I really am so proud of her. Yung sinasabi nilang she’s gonna be the next Regine Velasquez, for me nga that’s an honor. Kasi nga ako yung parang benchmark. Kasi nga noong araw, parang ako lang yung sinasabihan na ‘you’re gonna be the next ganito, ganyan’, but even before hindi ako naniniwala na may pinapalitan ka. I don’t mind (being compared). Kasi ganoon naman yun, even I were compared to ZsaZsa, to Kuh, to everybody. To my mentors also. Pero like I said, Kuh Ledesma will always be Kuh Ledesma. Sharon Cuneta will be Sharon Cuneta. So Sarah, will be Sarah” paliwanag ni Regine.
Hindi nga raw dapat The Next One ang naging title ng concert ni Sarah, kung hindi The One na daw dapat.


Pokwang looking forward to do a movie with "Sir Joey"

Tanggap na tanggap ni Pokwang ang alok na gumawa ng pelikula kasama si Joey de Leon ayon sa pagbabalita ni MJ Felipe.

Masayang-masaya ang komedyanteng si Pokwang nang ibalita niya sa amin ang napaka-successful Heartthrobs concert nila ni Piolo Pascual at Sam Milby sa Europe. “Bonggang-bonggang napakinit nang pagtanggap sa amin ng mga Filipino. At sabik na sabik sila na sila ay ma-entertain ng mga Kapamilya artists,” kuwento ni Pokie. Happy rin si Pokwang dahil nagkaroon sila ng pagkakataon na mag-reunion ng kanyang mga kapatid na naka-base sa Sweden.

Bilang sagot sa interview kay Joey de Leon noong Martes nang magpa-press visit ang kanilang Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie entry na Iskul Bukol, sinabi ni Pokwang na handa siyang tanggapin ang offer ni Joey. Sabi kasi ng TV host, plano nilang isama sa kanilang pelikula sina Ai-Ai delas Alas at Pokwang. “Alam niyo naman ako, pagdating sa trabaho hindi ako namimili nang mga makakasama ko. Kung makapag-papasaya tayo ng mga manood, why not, ‘di ba?” pa-unang sagot ni Pokwang.

Ayon sa mga nasulat, ang eksena pa daw ay ipapakila ni Joey si Pokwang sa kanyang ina, na siya namang tinawanan ni Pokwang. Banggit pa ni Joey, gusto na niyang ibaon sa limot ang naging biruan nila noon’g “aswang issue”. “Actually ako, sa akin, wala na sa akin yun. Ang importante, well-blessed ako ngayon, marami akong trabaho, maraming nagmamahal sa akin. Yung mga gaanong batu-bato (maliliit na intriga), wala ‘yun. Basta ang iniisip ko na lang kapag may tumitira sa akin, ay mahal ako ng Diyos!” malumanay na sagot ng komedyana. At bilang mensahe kay Joey, gustong iparating ni Pokwang na, “Ay sir (Joey), hinihintay ko po kayong makatrabaho ng bonggang bongga, ‘di ba? Para may pangdagdag ako sa monthly amortization ko. Thank you, ‘di ba!” Matatandaang nagkaroon ng issue sa dalawang comedian nang tawagin ni Joey na mukhang aswang si Pokwang sa show ng Eat Bulaga abroad. Ipinagtanggol naman si Pokie ni Willie Revillame sa isang live episode ng Wowowee, kung saan ay co-host nito ang komedyana.

Sa pagtatapos ng interview nagbiro si Pokwang at sinabing tuluyan na nga siyang magiging aswang dahil isang manananggal ang role niya sa pelikulang Dayo, isang animated movie na ipapalabas din sa MMFF ngayong taon.
My two cents:
Sa totoo lang, hanga ako sa attitude ni Pokwang. She is humble, very humble, at laging natungtong ang mga paa sa lupa. I also admire her style of comedy. OMG! She is so funny. She always make me laugh. And because she has the right demeanor and reactions to any and every issues thrown at her, lots of blessings are also being thrown at her from the skies. O di vah?


Alessandra de Rossi defends being too frank

Sa pagiging pranka, nauuna na si Alessandra de Rossi sa listahan ng mga hindi mapigilan ang bibig. Ano ang kanyang paniniwala sa kanyang pagiging tapat at makatotoo?

Sa pagbabalita ni Bernie Franco:

Versatile young actress Alessandra de Rossi confessed that her bluntness sometimes causes problems for her. "It gets in the way," she explained. "Ang daming projects na sana sa akin napunta but since ganito ang personality ko, hindi siya sa akin napupunta. Pero, at the end of the day, tao din lang naman ako eh, 'yun at 'yun ang gusto kong maging."

Alex, as she is called by family and close friends, said that she’s only being true to herself even though her job is an actress. Real life is very different from acting on screen and Alex feels she doesn’t need to act behind the camera. "Hindi ko masyadong kinakarir 'yung pag-aartista ko, kumbaga andyan lang ako. I do my job very well, pero pagdating sa personal life, kung sino talaga ako, ganun talaga ko. And if it gets in the way para sa iba, sige, pero sa akin, I'm just living the life."

Though some people don’t take her frankness in a positive way, Alex said that what’s important to her is that she’s able to speak her mind and not what other people think of her. "Kasi hindi ko rin kaya ang responsibility na pa-sweet character na one move, you're out 'pag nagkamali ka. At sa personality ko madalas akong magkamali, dahil daredevil ako, eh. Kahit ano papasukin ko. Basta pwede. Basta feeling ko okay," Alex said.

But Alex also revealed that she’s affected too if her words hurt other people specially the ones really close to her. "Yes, of course. Meron akong…sana pinalampas ko na lang. Sana hindi na umabot sa ganon pero, 'yun 'yung tama sa akin sa mga panahong iyon." She adds that she doesn’t want to hurt people intentionally but being honest also helps them realize things. "Kung magiging misunderstood ako for the sake of experiencing change sa akin man o kaaway ko, basta may change na mangyayari, why not?"

Meanwhile, Alex is set to play Alice in upcoming Komiks Presents Mars Ravelo’s Dragonna.
My two cents:
Ok, agree ako na being brutally honest is sometimes necessary in this business. But I also disagree if you love your career and you plan to stay until you decide to quit voluntarily. It's a matter of controlling your tongue if your bread and butter will be at stake. Being in showbiz is a temporary thingy and having said this, celebrities must realize that people come and go in this business. If you are not afraid to lose your job, then, by all means, go ahead and give your nasty, fearless and careless remarks and flaunt your sarcasm to your satisfaction. But just watch how far your career will go. O di vah?


Will Obama pick Hillary to be his Secretary of State?

Will Hillary Clinton accept the position if offered by Obama?
It's all here.

An Obama adviser threw out one final rationale: It’s better to have the Clintons inside the tent than outside, causing trouble.

Several Obama transition advisers are strongly advocating Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) for secretary of State, a move that would create the ultimate “Team of Rivals” cabinet, according to officials involved in the discussions.

President-elect Obama has narrowed the possibilities for secretary of State and Clinton is among those being strongly considered, the officials said. Some even call her the favorite.

It is not known what Obama himself thinks of the idea. But the fact that it is being entertained within his camp shows how much things have changed in the months since he defeated her for the Democratic nomination in a protracted primary marathon.

A possible clue to Obama’s willingness to consider Clinton for chief diplomat can be found in a January interview he gave to Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News.” As part of her “Primary Questions” series, she asked him what books besides the Bible he would considers essential if he were elected president.

“Doris Kearns Goodwin's book ‘Team of Rivals,’” Obama replied. “It was a biography of Lincoln. And she talks about Lincoln's capacity to bring opponents of his and people who have run against him in his cabinet. And he was confident enough to be willing to have these dissenting voices and confident enough to listen to the American people and push them outside of their comfort zone. And I think that part of what I want to do as president is push Americans a little bit outside of their comfort zone. It's a remarkable study in leadership.”

Obama is exceedingly confident now, in a way that only a president of the United States can be. And officials say that therefore the calculation is very different than it was when he was picking a vice president, and did not seriously consider her.

During the general election, she campaigned tirelessly on his behalf throughout the country.

Even officials who like the idea held up strong “caution” flags. Fresh off his electoral triumph, Obama does not feel he needs the Clintons. The president-elect has never liked the idea of former President Bill Clinton as a back-seat driver. And the former president has had many tangled foreign business dealings that could complicate his wife’s entry into an administration that is promising transparency.

But some Obama advisers argue that her celebrity and credibility would be a huge asset in his goal of reengaging the United States with allies.

“You can send John Kerry or Chuck Hagel,” said one adviser, mentioning some other candidates for secretary of state, “or you can send Hillary Clinton. That’s totally different.”

Clinton would be most attractive if Obama concludes that he will have to focus his early days in office on the domestic economy, and will have to essentially outsource heavy-duty foreign travel to his secretary of State.

The officials said Clinton becomes even more attractive if Obama retains President Bush’s last secretary of Defense, Robert Gates. Some Obama advisers are advocated that course because he would provide cover for drawing down troops in Iraq: Gates has said he believes that is possible, and it would keep Obama out of a fight he can’t afford with the Army Gen. David Petraeus, now the head of the U.S. Central Command.

The Clinton camp refused to comment on the possibility. Senior Adviser Philippe Reines said: “Any speculation about cabinet or other administration appointments is really for President-Elect Obama's transition team to address.”


Are Rufa Mae Quinto and Sam Milby dating?

This story was reported in ShowBuzz.

Ibinuko ni Ruffa Gutierrez sa TV Patrol World ang co-star niya sa Desperadas 2 na si Rufa Mae Quinto na close ito at ang hunk na si Sam Milby. Kaka-break lamang ni Rufa Mae sa kanyang American boyfriend samantalang maugong na maugong pa rin ang split ni Sam kay Anne Curtis. Tawang-tawa ang The Buzz host sa set ng Desperadas habang ikinikwento na close ang dalawa. "May bagong kapalit na yung boyfriend niya.Taga-ABS-CBN! Playstation sila ng Playstation ni Sam Milby!" spill ni Ruffa habang panay naman ang hampas ni Rufa Mae sa balikat ng co-star niya.
Inemphasize naman ni Rufa Mae na magkaibigan lamang sila ni Sam. "Hinde...huy grabe ka bible ano namin yun...di totoo yun kaibigan natin si Anne eh," nahihiyang sabi ng comedianne. Explain din ni Rufa Mae na naging close sila ni Sam dahil mahilig sila sa mga renovations o paggawa ng bahay. "Kaibigan lang yun...kaloka ka girl!" sabi ni Rufa Mae kay Ruffa na tawa naman ng tawa habang nag-memake-up.
My two cents:
So what if this is true. They are both single now, no commitment pa. Kaya lang mukha yatang mabilis si Sam sa girls ha?. Katatapos lang nilang nag-break ni Anne Curtis ay meron agad kapalit. Anyhow, that's how life is in showbiz, soooo, get use to it.


Charice offered US stay by David Foster, says mom

ABS-CBN has the story here.

My two cents:

There’s a lot of opportunities for a talent like Charice, but opportunity such as this one in the US can knock only but once in a lifetime to someone from a third world country. Not to mention that, eventually, someone better than her can come along to steal the scenes she is currently enjoying. But of course, as always, mother knows best, and Mommy Raquel knows what’s best for both of her children. There are lots of talents in the Philippines that are constantly coming out from so many competitions, so no talent can ever be sure or predict for how long they can stay in the limelight. Therefore, Charice and Mom should find a way to make things work out for the three of them so that they can take advantage of the many opportunities for Charice to grab on while they build their future to be more steadily secured in case her career turns to a slower phase – and we know it always does. O di vah?


"Tayong Dawala" is Kim Chiu's new teleserye

There is no doubting, Kim Chiu is one of the most sought after teen stars these days. I liked her a lot in "Sanay Maulit Muli", and I loved her character and performances in "My Girl "- both have super "kilig" moments - and here comes another teleserye entitled "Tayong Dalawa" that will prove how much she has grown in her talent in acting. In this teleserye, she has two leading men: Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. Kim is very much dedicated to her work and success has not changed her a bit. She remains to be humble, pleasant and bubbly. Read here for more details on Kim's new projects. [Rachelle Siazon/ABS-CBN]


Shaina Magdayao's view on sexy photos for men's mags

Sabi ni Shaina, she has nothing against men’s magazine but she admits that she is not yet ready for the responsibilities nakaakibat ng ganoong pictorial. “I respect the other ladies na naging cover girls for men’s mags. Siguro iba lang talaga ang point of view ko,” pahayag nito. Sa nakaraang panayam nga niya ay sinabi niyang handa siyang lumabas ng naka-two-piece as long as it is done in good taste and more on fashion lang.

Ibinahagi rin ng aktres na maraming nanliligaw sa kanyang mga men’s magazine to pose for the cover subalit tinatanggihan niya ang mga ito. “Hindi talaga, sinabi ko ‘yun sa kanila. Makukulit sila, pero hindi talaga.” Dagdag pa ni Shaina, ang pagiging sexy ng isang babae ay hindi naman nangangahulugang kailangan niyang magpakita ng seksing katawan. Kaya pa ring maging sexy ng isang babae depende kung paano niya dalhin ang kanyang sarili at ang pagkakaroon ng kumpiyansa sa sarili. [Bernie Franco/ABS-CBN/ShowBuzz]
My two cents:
Is it necessary to show your body - so men could fantasize with it - in order to gain popularity and success? heck no! You are a good actress if you can act, period. I agree with Shaina's point of view, and it's because she is wholesome and would probably like to maintain the good role model image that she is which is rare today. The popularty of being sexy just for the heck of it is temporary, award winning performance is more permanent and respected. O di vah?


Sarah Geronimo's super successful concert - she did it again!

Lalong gumaganda si Sarah lalo na sa gabi ng kayang concert. Yes, there is no stopping, for Sarah’s success continues to soar unstoppable. Her concert was completely packed with countless of fans and celebrities combined. The girl is very beautiful and truly amazing, and I’m a big fan. Her voice is as beautiful as Celine Dion and was also very sexy that night. There is no denying the fact that Sarah’s catapult to stardom is slowly but steady and consistent, and she is one of the very few stars who are truly wholesome, a role model, humble, and never a trouble maker and it's because it's just not her character. O di vah?

Sarah Geronimo wowed her thousands of fans, including showbiz stars, who filled the Araneta Coliseum Saturday night to watch the highly successful major solo concert of the young singer dubbed “The Next One.”

Her co-Kapamilya stars such as Billy Crawford, Maja Salvador, Shaina Magdayao, Rayver Cruz and John Lloyd Cruz, her leading man in the box-office hit “A Very Special Love,” joined her onstage to perform at the packed Big Dome.

“Ako po ang pinaka-worry ko lang ang concern ko ‘yong mapasaya ko ang mga tao. Hindi importante kung gaano karami [ang dumating], performance lang po talaga. ‘Yong mapasaya ko sila,” Geronimo said.

“Maraming, maraming salamat po. Sana po ay napasaya ko kayong muli at sana po maulit muli. Thank you very much,” she added.

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. president Charo Santos-Concio and Star Cinema’s managing director Malou Santos trooped to the Big Dome to watch the concert.

Geronimo’s friends from show business including Mark Bautista, Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis, Luis “Lucky” Manzano, KC Concepcion, Eric Santos, Gabriel Valenciano and Rachelle Ann Go were also among the crowd.

“Isa ‘yon sa mga dahilan kung bakit pressured na pressured ako tonight kasi alam kong darating sila pero hindi ako pinabayaan ni Lord. Thank you very much for your support,” Geronimo said when interviewed by reporters after the concert.

When asked if she brought a special someone to the concert, the singer said: “Wala pa. Ok lang yan, it can wait.” [ABS-CBN/The Buzz]


What Ate Vi says about Angel and Luis' relationship

Batangas Governor Vilma Santos has been very vocal about her approval of the relationship between her son Luis Manzano and actress Angel Locsin. She has even hinted about the real score between the two who always look "starry-eyed" whenever they are together. Raising the local media’s interest as well is her admission that Angel is ever-present at all their important family gatherings.

And Angel's feelings towareds Ate Vi? Happy ako dahil si Tita Vi, siyempre, hindi mo naman iisipin na si Tita Vi makakausap mo ng ganon lang so masaya po ako na kahit papano nagkakausap po kami. She’s really very nice," Angel says. She also repeated that Gov. Vi had already given her a hanky as a gift last Christmas—something which she truly treasures since she’s aware that it is the trademark of the Star for All Seasons. "Yun nga, sobrang masaya ako. Idol [ko siya] eh. Nasa-star struck pa rin ako sa kanya hanggang ngayon. Happy, happy talaga ko," she simply states.
[ShowBuzz/Rachelle Siazon]

My two cents:
I'm happy for both Angel and Luis and I really hope that what they have for each other right now will last forever as I really want them to marry someday, have many little Luises, and that they will age together. In showbiz, breakups, changing and exchanging partners have become rampant and a norm, causing morality to be always at stake. Young people do intend to follow the same path even though it's wrong. O di vah?


Charice will fly to US for new projects

Charice confirmed that she will be flying back to the US for more projects and this time, she's going to perform side by side with well known singers.

Here is her major performance schedule: UPDATE!
Nov 18 - will guest at Good Morning, America
Nov 27 - will join David Archuleta, Miley Cyrus, and many others, at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York.

Good luck to you, Charice! We're looking forward to you bringing down the house one more time. "Bongga ka talaga" and we are all so proud of you.

Watch the video:


Which picture looks more patriotic to you?


Luis Manzano accepted a gay role, a therefore must see

Luis Manzano has finally accepted to do a movie with John Lloyd Cruz and mom Vilma Santos in which he will portray the role of a gay lover? Oh no! OMG! But this is going to be a big challenge for the three of them and I'm sure it will be done tastefully and will surely come out as another great movie to look forward to. Vi admitted that she is quite nervous making a movie - or any movie for that matter - with son Luis. She said:

"Hindi ko maimagine ang sarili ko kung ano ang magiging reaction ko kung magkaharap na kaming mag-ina at umaarte. Pero I’m looking forward to it. Malay mo maganda rin ang kalabasan ng chemistry naming mag-nanay kaya nga sabi ko gusto ko talagang makasama siya pero ayokong impluwensiyahan siya sa bawat desisyon na kanyang gagawin"
As we all know that first times to anything is not always easy, mother and son Vi and Luis are no exceptions to this. John Lloyd has also said that a good actor should always be able to give justice to any role given to him/her and having said this, he has no problem doing a kissing scene with Luis. either. Yikes! But because all three are really professionals, supportive and positive actors, we can expect the filming to be smooth sailing. O di vah?


Why Obama is saying sorry to Nancy Reagan?

It's all over the papers, internet, radio and television. I can't believe the media was actually talking about it. Don't they usually do their thingy covering up for him so he will always look good? I guess not since election is over and perhaps media budget ran out? I dunno. I'm just saying. So, what was it about? Why is he saying sorry to our beloved former first lady? Let's find out the detail from Michelle Malkin's blog here.


McCain doomed by his aides then blamed on Palin

Read here.

To those top McCain advisers who leaked the little story about seeing Sarah Palin in a towel; to those who called her and her family "Wasilla hillbillies" while using her to stoke class warfare with red meat speeches and an anti-elitist message; to those who claim she didn't know Africa was a continent; to those McCain aides who say she is the reason they lost this election. Can I please remind you of one thing? You picked her.
And if I may borrow one reader’s comment:
Campbell, I'll take it one step further---if it were not for Sarah Palin I wound NOT have voted. I wanted a real conservative and McCain didn't fit the bill. Only when Sarah was added to the ticket did I feel compelled to vote.
Just who are these people?
"I won't comment on anyone's gossip or allegations that are based on anonymous sources," she said. "That's kind of a small, evidently bitter type of person, who would anonymously charge something foolish like that -- that I perhaps didn't know an answer to a question. So until I know who was talking about it, I won't have a comment on false allegations."
In response to the allegations that she was ill-prepared for interviews and debate, Randy Scheunemann, an aide assigned to Palin, called her "brilliant" and said she has a "photographic memory."


Congratulations Barack Obama!

Here are some mixed reactions from people who did and didn’t vote for our new president-elect, Barack Obama.

1.) I won't have to pay for gas or my mortgage!!! Free healthcare!! Life is good!!

2.) We should all accept America's decision and move on with our lives. It'll be a long four, or potentially eight years if we don't.

3.) We are all going to die… I just hope that I am proven wrong and I dont have to say I told you so… but really, I have a feeling were all in for a big surprise and everyone that voted for him is gonna be in shock…

4.) I'm signing up for welfare! Why should I have to continue to work hard if everyone else is just going to have to spread their hard earned money to lazy incompetent leeches of society. If you can't beat them might as well join them.

5.) I can finally say for the First time in my adult life I am ashamed of America.

6.) God, please keep him safe and out of harm's way. We need this man so desperately.

7.) Now that Barack Obama has been elected president, my mom told me that she is grateful that I am having this experience–that I am coming of age during these times. She believes it will open every possibility for me and other young people. I believe this, too.
And I say to everyone: let‘s move on with our lives. Let’s give our full support no matter what your beliefs are and if, God forbid, things did not change as promised, we will need to speak up and let him know. We will fight any wrong doings and will always seek for the truth. In the meantime, let’s shout to the heavens “God Bless America” and not “God damn America”.